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About kämen Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Pressed from the fresh pulp of the fruit Cocos nucifera, our organic virgin coconut oil is obtained through centrifuged, cold-pressed and natural extraction methods without the use of heat or chemical refining. By maintaining a temperature below 44° Celsius, we assure a quality, premium and truly raw coconut oil with a delicate flavor profile, mild aroma and silky, thin consistency.

Why kämen Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Our organic virgin coconut oil is a superfood thats usability just can’t be beat! Having a jar of this gem in your home will provide you with endless options of use. It can be used for things such as a butter replacement on foods like toast, popcorn and baked potatoes, or to replace non-stick cooking spray or unhealthy fat in baking. It can also be used as a natural energy boost or added to fruit smoothies to enhance the cholesterol fighting compounds in it.

Our organic virgin coconut oil is a great tool to have when it comes to beauty and skin as well! It can be used as a natural skin moisturizer, wrinkle reducer, makeup remover, lip balm, mouthwash, acne fighter, hair conditioner, makeup brush cleaner, soothing shaving cream, sunburn remedy and massage oil, just to name a few. Around the house it can be used as a rust reducer on anything metal and prone to rusting, a shoe shiner and furniture polish on wood, granite, countertops and metal surfaces.   


15 fl oz (444 ml)

Centrifuge Process • Cold-Pressed • Premium • All Natural • Non-GMO • Raw • Gluten Free

Why Sri Lanka

Most people think of the Philippines when it comes to premium coconut oil, and while we do agree that the Philippines produces quality coconut oil, we decided to broaden our horizons and look at other parts of the world while searching for our source. We were pleasantly surprised and excited with what we found in Sri Lanka. Coconut crops naturally attract less pests than other crops, and because Sri Lanka is an island that has a very strict plant quarantine when it comes to allowing coconuts in from elsewhere, there is no need for them to apply any pesticides. The plantations are organically grown without any chemical fertilizer or pesticides, and are weeded by hand. This allows these coconuts to produce the premium organic virgin coconut oil that we love!

Health Benefits

Weight Loss

Organic virgin coconut oil metabolizes differently than foods with other saturated fats. It is comprised largely of the essential fatty acid medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) lauric acid, which the body does not store as fat once digested. Instead, MCTs are transported directly to the liver where they quickly convert into energy for your body, while also forming keystone bodies that work to reduce hunger and cravings. And when you are hungry, organic virgin coconut oil enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and digest food, allowing you to eat less without feeling tired or weak all of the time.


Organic virgin coconut oil is known to advance the growth of healthy probiotics in the digestive tract. It contains compounds that destroy bacteria and help heal leaky gut. The antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties of it help to control parasites and fungi, while simultaneously assisting in the absorption of essential nutrients. Organic virgin coconut oil is known to relieve bloating and cure chronic constipation as well. It infiltrates the digestive tract and keeps things running smoothly by killing off harmful bacteria and enabling re-balance.

Diabetes, Urinary Tract and Kidneys

Organic virgin coconut oil has been known to prevent Type II diabetes, urinary tract infections and kidney infections. Type II diabetes normally originates with the body’s resistance to insulin. Organic virgin coconut oil promotes efficient secretion of insulin from the pancreas, helping to balance blood sugar levels. It is also rich in antimicrobial, believed to assist in preventing infection, so when consumed it is believed to protect the kidneys and bladder from infection.