About kämen Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is pressed from the cultivar FS- 17, or Favolosa varietal, living up to its English translation of fabulous! This Italian patented varietal comes from the crossing of the two Italian varieties Frantoio and Ascolana Tenera. Combining the subtle herbaceous undertones of the Frantoio varietal with the unique fruity flavor of Ascolana Tenera creates the perfect blend of our extra virgin olive oil that your tastebuds will appreciate any way you choose to enjoy!

Why kämen Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our extra virgin olive oil has hints of ripe tomato, artichoke and spice. This oil is great for sautéing, baking and marinading, but also perfect by itself as a flavorful dressing on foods such as your favorite salad or grilled veggies!


8.5 Fl Oz (250 ml) PET

Single Orchard • Single Varietal • Cold-Pressed • All Natural • Non-GMO • No Additives • Raw • Gluten Free

Why Chile

During our search for olives to produce our extra virgin olive oil, we were very fond of the olive groves in Vina Del Mar, Chile. Chile is composed of a stretch of land that extends down the Pacific Coast of South America, from the Tropic of Capricorn almost down to the Antarctic, and rises from sea level to the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. This allows for land very rich in its natural mineral diversity, and a perfect place for fruit such as olives to thrive!

Health Benefits


Extra virgin olive oil contains an abundant amount of antioxidants that work to shut down the damaging chain reaction of free radicals that enter the body through things such as air pollutants, fried foods, alcohol, pesticides, tobacco smoke and much more.

Blood Pressure

Substituting extra virgin olive oil for other types of fat in your diet could help lower your blood pressure. This has to do with the wonderful natural polyphenols preserved in extra virgin olive oil that are not found in any other oil.


Our extra virgin olive oil is incredibly tasty, but can also be used as a topical agent for the skin. The high amount of Vitamin E in it works to restore damaged skin cells and block harmful ultraviolet light. Polyphenols also protect skin cells, help control the aging process and encourage collagen production. At the same time, this oil moisturizes your skin without clogging pores and exfoliates deep into pores to help remove dead skin cells and dirt.